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Infocefalia in the XV Scientific Congress of the Infant Rehabilitation Spanish Association, S.E.R.I. (Hospital 12 de Octubre, March, 26 and 27, 2010)

We will like to thank President of SERI, Mª de los Ángeles Redondo García, for her invitation to participate in their scientific congress. Rehabilitation phisioterapists find our craniometer very useful to do an accurate followup of their patients and understand how they evolve and document results. Also to motivate parents to do the appropiate exercices at home. With our follow-up chart that allows to compare with average recovery data, they can motivate parents to continue the workout at home. 93 Phisioterapists brought home a Craniometer and Mimos pillow sample. All specialists agreed that prevention is the best way to solve the plagiocephaly epidemics we are experiencing today.

Pictures of the meeting.

Infocefalia in the Dexeus Institute, Barcelona (January, 26th 2010)

We talked to the pediatric team of the prestigious Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona about prevention of cranial deformities and the diagnostics protocol developed by Infocefalia. The doctors showed great interest in investigating the real and yet not well known causes behind plagiocephaly, like congenital vitamin D deficiency in the pregnant mother or the baby. They showed interest in participating in the clinical study that Infocefalia is promoting and will start soon.

Canal 9 News (January, 23rd 2010)

Canal 9 news, showed our pillow as one of the most innovative products on the International Baby fair in Valencia, Spain "de cero a cuatro" we participated from 22nd to 24th of January 2010. This Video language is Catalan.

Infocefalia Participated in the XXII Congress of Neonatology and Perinatal Medicine in Spain (October, 14th to 16th 2009).

Even though Neonatologists don't directly observe much plagio and braquicephaly cases, our information booth rise great interest. Most of the doctors signaled to us the great increase in cases of cranial deformities in recent years due to the postural changes promoted by the American Pediatrics Association. Some doctors commented on their very positive experience using "Tummy Time" from birth. Those are very good news and from Infocefalia we work spread those news to all in order to eliminate postural deformities in babies.

Pictures of our booth in the SEN Congress

Infocefalia had the pleasure to be present at the XXIII Congress of the Primary Care and extra-hospital pediatrics Spanish Association (October, 8t-11th 2009) in Oviedo, Spain.

We where overwhelmed by the doctor's response to our Diagnostics protocol and prevention pillow. Over 300 pediatric doctors wanted to get a craniometer sample and a copy of the protocol to start applying in their office. We where specially proud by the visit and the conversation with Dr Fernando Malmierca Sánchez, Vice-president and Dr Angel Carrasco Sanz, Secretary General of the Spanish Pediatric Association. The proposed to present this protocol to the whole Association to help us reach more doctors and provide them with the tools to diagnose and treat positional cranial deformities accurately.

Pictures during the SEPEAP Congress

Infocefalia was invited to participate on the Annual Congress Andalucía Oriental Pediatric Society (September, 24th & 25th 2009) in Jaén, Spain.

Even though the number of assistants was reduced, all of them showed great interest on our diagnostics and treatment tools we presented. Everybody brought home a Craniometer and a diagnostics protocol printed copy. Also informational leaflets to distribute to parents with babies.

Pictures at the SPAO Conference

Infocefalia was invited to the Annual Meeting of the Catalan Pediatrics Society (May 15th-16th 2009) in Viella, Spain.

This is our first Pediatric conference and we had a fantastic welcome by the doctors and pediatric neurosurgeons. 40 new pediatrics have joined our prevention effort and will start controlling Plagiocephaly and braquicephaly degrees with our craniometer and our protocol as a routine procedure to screen for cranial deformities with the objective of doing early detection and thus be able to correct them easily without traumatic head bands.

Pictures at the Catalan Pediatric Society Annual Meeting

Entrevista en Barcelona TV (6 Febrero del 2009)

Interview (en Catalán) at Barcelona TV with Dr. Garcia-Tornel, Head of Pediatrics department of San Juan de Dios en Barcelona and David Verde, Infocefalia coordinator .

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