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Will the Mimos Pillow help for a child who is considering a helmet but still has about 2 months to decide, flat back head is apparent but (this is due to positional preference) baby is 6 months, is this too late for the pillow?

Is not too late for the pillow. If you have 2 months to decide is worthwhile to try.

Then is important to follow this protocol:

- if after 2 months, you have a clear improvement on the shape (although not complete recovery) then you can continue using the pillow and avoid the helmet, the recovery will continue.

- If you don't see any improvement in 2 months then you shoud go for the helmet.

We suggest you purchase our craniometer so you will be able to track the improvement of the head acurately and make a better decision.

Our experience so far is that most likely the baby will recover but the time it takes is very variable baby to baby. Some will recover in 1 month some need up to 5 or 6 months. This difference is due to variations on metabolism, amount of sleep hours per day, speed of bone growth, amounts of vitamin D in the body which affects bone density, amount of hours parents spend taking care of the baby as opposed to let him lie down with some toys.....

No clinical study has been done to assert any of the previous statements. Rather they come from years of experience of pediatric doctors that have succesfuly trated this problem without helmet.


Hi could you please tell me how long it would take for an order to arrive in Australia...are there various options to have it arrive asap? Thank you

We send through Fedex International Priority. There is nothing faster than that, to our knowledge.

Usually it takes 3-4 working days to deliver to Australia or anywhere in the world. Sometimes (rarely) it will be stuck on the customs 2-3 days extra, but that is out of our control.

We had reports of people being asked to pay customs duty upon arrival. This depends on the destination country customs regulations. Parcels are scanned randomly and most of the time go unnoticed through customs.

I'm interested in Mimos products and wondering whether you have any shops in Germany.Thanks.


No, unfortunately we don't have any shop in Germany, I am sorry. The only way is to buy on our website. We currently only have shops or distributors in Spain and Cyprus.