Facial asymmetry and skull shape deformations: the effect of flat head syndrome

The undesirable effects on the aesthetic appearance

In the moderate to severe cases, there may be

  • variations in the eyes alignment,
  • one eye appears larger than the other,
  • ear displacement: the ear on the affected side may be pushed forward than the other side,
  • one cheek appears fuller than the other
  • forehead on the affected side being more prominent.

If baby flat head (deformational plagiocephaly) is not corrected in time these undesirable craniofacial characteristics may grow into adulthood.

facial assimetry on plagiocephaly
plagiocephaly typical deformation

Deformational plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) produces an undesirable effect on the aesthetic appearance. Baby flat head syndrome does not only lead to distortion of the skull shape but sometimes also facial asymmetry.

It is important that we take prevention to avoid the undesirable effect of flat head syndrome.