Promote Active neck rotation in both directions by alternating sides when handling baby

Handling baby equally from both sides facilitates and stimulates active cervical (neck) rotation in both directions.

This is important to prevent asymmetry neck muscles tightness and preferred head position (also known as positional preference) which often lead to deformational plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

Handle your baby equally from both sides when nursing, bottle feeding, changing and dressing.

Reduce and redistribute the pressure evenly by rotating the head positions when lying on the back to sleep

To prevent constant pressure acting on any particular side of the soft skull, rotate the head positions when sleeping on the back. This helps to reduce and redistribute the pressure

Baby should be placed to sleep on their backs for the prevention of SIDS. Supine sleeping (back to sleep) is 6 times safer then prone sleeping (on tummy).

Put your baby at opposite ends of the crib each night to encourage baby to face to both directions.

positioning to avoid flat head syndrome
positioning to avoid plagiocephaly
Change orientation of Baby to avoid positional preference

Minimize the use of car seat, bouncy chair, baby carriage and swing

Extended use of all these devices, letting our babies to sleep on them can contribute to flat head syndrome because these devices have hard and rigid flat surface.

It is wise to limit the use of these devices to when only necessary. The baby car seat should be left in the car and used only when baby is travelling in the car.

When babies are using these devices care should be given to support the head adequately to prevent it from repeatedly falling to one side.

Instead of spending time on these devices we should hug and cuddle our babies more in the upright position for instance the front carrier. This can help to promote stronger bonding too.